Top Project Management Tools for Small Businesses


  It can be hard to find the right project management tool to utilize on a day to day basis, especially if you are a small business, nonprofit, or startup with a low budget. Being a small business ourselves, we understand how important it is to find the right tools at the right price. There are several low-cost platforms that have a wide range of tools from time management to task tracking, six of which we have put in this post!



To kick off the list, no better place to start than the platform that won the Best Project Management Software of 2019. Email is integrated into the platform itself to easily reach out to any staff member at any time. Features that allow you to customize home pages and even add your own logo to presentations makes for a comfortable and familiar workplace. No need to worry about running out of space for all your data; there is 50GB of space to hold all of your information securely.


1. Quick and Easy Integration As easy as an email sent to the newest addition, all they have to do is sign up, sign in, and start contributing to the collaborating already taking place

2. Customize and Automate Workflow Forget all the mundane and redundant tasks that get in the way of quick workflow. helps you sort through and pinpoint exactly what you need to be doing for an efficient workday

3. Easily Visualize See the progress and stage of each project that you and your coworkers are working on and assign tasks accordingly


There is a free trial for to ensure that you would like to use the platform before you commit to a payment plan. After the free trial, you have a few options:

Basic: $39/month

Standard: $49/month

Pro: $79/month

Enterprise: Contact Provider



Wrike is great to help the efficiency and productivity within a business. It’s intuitive task prioritization, interactive timeline, real-time newsfeed, workload management, and data protection tools help to ease the day-to-day workload. What is really great about Wrike is it is completely accessible on mobile devices so you can check in whenever and wherever!


  1. Optimized File Management Wrike helps organize online documents without having to save them on your personal computer. This is also a way to allow access to these documents company wide.

2. Efficient Resource Tracking Tools allow you to see the timeline of each individual project that you are working on along with budget tracking capabilities to allow for a bird eyes view of how time and money is being spent on each project.

3. Customizable Workflow Features allow you to set the pace of each project that you undertake to help gain visibility into the work at each stage and help determine the resources that you will be needing at each step along the way.


Wrike comes with a few different pricing options as to how you will be using the software based on size.

FREE: Up to 5 users

PROFESSIONAL: $9.80/user monthly up to 15 users

BUSINESS: $24.80/user monthly 5-200 users

The professional and business options come with a free trial to test out the platform before committing.



Having been around since 2004, Basecamp has been able to create a simple and easy program to help businesses plan out both short-term and long-term to-do-lists with a nice calendaring system. Basecamp also utilizes file sharing so that all members of the team have access to important documents. Being less of a traditional project management tool, Basecamp focuses on the communication within teams to help them stay on the same page throughout the entirety of a project.


  1. It’s For Everyone! Perfect for nonprofits, startups, and established small businesses, Basecamp is not specific to any one industry

2. Simple Interface Basecamp is known for it’s simple interface which is awesome for businesses with varying levels of tech skills

3. Categorized Organization Projects can be categorized and organized so that only members working on a particular project are exposed to the communications and back and forth


Basecamp has recently launched a completely free version to help manage personal projects. The only downside to this is that it is a personal use software meaning multiple people can not share it.

For businesses, Basecamp costs a flat, fixed fee of $99/month or $999/year. This includes unlimited users and unlimited projects. Those who like to know exactly how much they will be spending on software used year-round, this is a great option.



User friendly and quite intuitive, Zoho Projects is a Project management tool that is used by companies such as Intel, Jaguar, and Timex. Though these are large companies, this software also works well for small business, nonprofits, and startups. Relatively price friendly and mobile-ready, you can access your information no matter where you are. This platform was designed with the importance of planning and tracking projects in mind, providing tools to help divide projects into manageable units to make measuring their progress much easier.


1. Online Timeline Known as a Gantt chart, this feature helps you get a clear view of the status of all your projects. The tasks that are added to the chart can be prioritized with easy rescheduling features because things in the business world are ever changing.

2. Time Tracking Capabilities Time tracking is crucial in project management. Create timesheets that can be shared with others in various formats.

3. Third Party Integrations Compatibility in all forms are what makes a good business great. Being able to integrate all forms of project management tools into one space can help save time going back and forth between multiple platforms.


Zoho Projects is available for free if you have a team of five or less and can only handle 2 projects at a time.

Zoho’s Standard – $25

Express – $50

Premium – $100

Enterprise – $150

Plans are priced monthly and according to the number of users and projects you will be handling at a time. These different plans can easily be upgraded or downgraded depending on your needs. You may get discounted prices when you choose to have them billed annually.



One of the most popular project management tools, Trello is a user-friendly program that has tools such tas drag-and-drop technology to make for easy task management and a clean, organized dashboard. With free app downloads for Android and iOS systems, you can access the same information you would be able to see on your desktop right there on your phone. Cloud sharing ensures that important documents are available no matter where you login.


1. Task Delegation Trello lets managers and other team members see if a coworker is swamped with tasks and reassign the workload to make for quicker turnarounds on projects.

2. Collections Boards Inherently visual, Trello gives you perspective at a glance across the entire project, making it easy to see who’s doing what and what still needs to get done. This can prove especially useful for collaboration in a team of people working together on one project.

3. Butler Trello has an assistant robot, aptly named Butler, who can automatically assign people tasks, schedule meetings, and label tasks according to the categories they are in. Even better is that you don’t need to learn coding to make sure Butler does what you need, just write to them in English!


Freelancers and small businesses are particularly drawn to Trello because of its appealing price which includes a completely free version. 

Business Class: $9.99 per user/month

Enterprise: $20.83 per user/month



With complete customization, you can build ClickUp into your own control center for your team whether it be simple or complex workflows. No need for multiple platforms to get all your information out to everyone, ClickUp’s project management helps you bring everything together in one space to track productivity and progress.


  1. Easy Switch Over If you are using another platform for project management and are looking to upgrade and switch to a different resource, ClickUp makes that transition as easy as possible

  2. Cloud Based Have all your projects and files uploaded to the cloud software to make sharing easy and simple to avoid incompatible sharing systems ie. Mac to PC

  3. Seamless Communication Features that include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, and alerts through your task toolbar ensures everyone stays on the same page at all time


There is a completely free option for ClickUp that gives users full access for up to 100 users which makes this a perfect option for small businesses and especially start ups who are looking to stay on or below budget. 

A couple of other options include:

Unlimited comes in at $5.00 per user/month

Business is $9.00 per user/month

This may have been a lot of information to take in all at once so feel free to take a sip of water and re-read the Project Management Platforms that stood out to you initially. We chose these specifically for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits due to their prices and amenities they offer. Only you know the right tools for your business so the more educated you are about each platform, the better!