Spot-on Messaging
Differentiate yourself with customer-centered positioning and content that connects with and energizes your audience.
Step 1
Listen to your market and your customers
Spot-on Messaging starts by collecting data. This includes:
  • Competitive analysis to identify your  unique features and market advantages
  • Customer, sales, and customer success interviews to understand your customers’ needs and desired outcomes
  • User testing your current messaging to understand what is and isn't working
Step 2
Create your story and messaging
With your positioning in hand, we build your narrative:
  • Define your value proposition, company story, and mission
  • Create product stories for each product with sample copy
  • Identify your story flow from audience awareness to decision making, what you say first, second, third... you get the picture
Step 3
Develop content around your message
Now you’re ready to create content that converts:
  • Your website leveraging user testing
  • Lead magnets such as eguides, whitepapers, and ebooks
  • Sales enablement content such as case studies, sales decks, and battle cards
The expertise you need to thrive
Our team brings 19 years of combined experience in product marketing, brand positioning, and content strategy and development to deliver the high-quality messaging and content you need to grow.
"Through getting to know us, our products and our market, Hewn’s work on our initial brand positioning and product content was able to ensure a successful launch for our website and sales initiatives."
TJ Person, CEO, OpenKey